Meeting Room​

A versatile and well-equipped meeting room, ideal for conferences, business meetings, or seminars. Equipped with all the necessary technologies for presentations and conferences, it provides a professional and comfortable environment for any type of corporate event.

Video Analysis

This room specializes in video analysis to enhance sports performance, equipped with the PlaySight system. It provides detailed analysis of athletic skills, allowing players and coaches to examine and improve specific aspects of the game through high-definition video recordings and advanced technological analysis.

Available to OTA athletes, as well as to all interested individuals, to significantly improve their performance through recording of entire training sessions.

Physical Therapy

A dedicated space for physiotherapy, equipped with modern tools for rehabilitation and physical recovery. This area is ideal for athletes in need of post-injury care or for those seeking a therapeutic approach to physical well-being.

The quite and professional environment promotes quick and effective recovery.

Cafeteria and Bar

A cozy and relaxing bar, perfect for coffee breaks, light snacks, or cocktails. It offers a variety of beverages and snacks in a convivial atmosphere, ideal for socializing after a sporting activity or for informal gatherings.