Mini Tennis

The game is played with special junior rackets, depressurised and MID balls on courts suitable for each age group. Bi-weekly afternoon training sessions.

Duration of single lesson of 1 ½ hours.

S.A.T School

Recommended for beginners and non-beginners players, aimed at learning, improving and perfecting the main strokes. Twice-weekly afternoon training or three-weekly. Internal tournaments and friendly matches with other tennis schools.


FULL TIME courses lasting eleven months

For competitive athletes eleven-month courses. Tennis sessions with a federal instructor + athletics with athletic trainer + video analysis. Every afternoon from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Available to OTA athletes, but also to all interested parties, to significantly improve their performance, thanks to the recording of entire training sessions

Full Agonistics

12-month FULL TIME courses

Competitive athletes with FULL TIME courses lasting twelve months are offered a double training session, morning and afternoon, with tennis and athletics to be agreed with Technical Director Alberto Bovone.

During training on the court, the Technical Director and his staff may use the Play Sight video camera as support at their discretion.

For lunch, the athletes will use the OTA bar's cold table service or the catering service, which can be booked daily and includes a full lunch with first course, second course and water.

The OTA team also benefits of the advice and cooperation of Simone Vagnozzi (current coach of Jannik Sinner) and Davide Cassinello (current athletic trainer of Lorenzo Sonego)

Synthetic Courts

Ideal for players looking for a comfortable and consistent playing experience. Perfect for intensive training and competitive matches, it offers a stable and durable surface.

Red clay courts

Classic and appreciated for its slow surface that favours long rallies. Ideal for those who enjoy a tactical game or for those who want to improve their footwork.